Paul Wolff-Plottegg born and raised in Graz, Austria, received his training as an actor at Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. His first contract brought him to Tübingen, Germany, Landestheater, where he played Faust in „Urfaust“, Robespiere in „Dantons Death“, Benedict in „Much ado about nothing“, among others. He then ventured via State Theatre Kassel (1987-1980) for three years to New York. There he took classes at the Theatre Institute with Lee Strasberg, at HB Studio with Uta Hagen, Herbert Berghof and Bill Hickey, and also at the Warren Robertson Workshop. Parallel he worked and played for Creation Production with Susan Mosakowski, Mathew Maguire and Vito Ricci in several productions.

Back in Berlin he first appeared in Thomas Bernhards play „Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh“ , directed by Kurt Hübner and later on with Hans Gratzer and Elke Lang at Schauspielhaus Vienna. Mrs. Lang then offered him to join the company of Theater am Turm TAT Frankfurt, where he played several parts in „Sieben Türen“, „Die Zeit und das Zimmer“ by Botho Strauss, „Heisses Geld“ by Klaus Pohl, „Küsse Bisse Risse“ by Waller/Lang, a.o.

1988 was his first collaboration as an actor with the director and choreographer Hans Kresnik in Mannheim at the National Theatre „Germania Tod in Berlin“ by Heiner Müller, followed by numerous works such as „Mars“, „Rosa Luxemburg“, „Pasolini“, „Gustaf Gründgens“ and others. These productions brought him to Basel City Theatre, States Theatre Stuttgart, Volkbühne Berlin, Deutsches Schauspielhaus und Thalia Theatre in Hamburg. In these theatres he also played in productions of Martin Kušej, Jossi Wieler, Wilfried Minks, Frank Castorf, Frank Helmund, Jürgen Kruse, and he also appeared time and again in Vienna in works by Kurt Palm and Karl Welunschek.

From 2001-2009 Paul Wolff-Plottegg was a member of the ensemble at the Burgtheater in Vienna, where he first appeared in Martin Kušejs production „Glaube und Heimat“ by Karl Schönherr. With him he is connected in a long standing collaboration in many of his works such as „Richard Third“, „Gespenstersonate“, „Glaube Liebe Hoffnung“, „King Ottokars Rise and Fall“, „Höllenangst“ (both with the Salzburg Festival 05 and 06), but was also seen in more than 18 stagings such as „Die Jungfrau von Orleans“ (D: Karin Beier), „Ödipus in Kolonos“ (D: K.M. Grüber), „Das goldene Vließ“ and „Rosenkriege“ (D: Stephan Kimmig), in Lukas Bärfuss`“Der Bus“, Th. Bernhard`s „Elisabeth Second“ and Schillers „Wallenstein“ (D: Th. Langhoff), „Der Meister und Margerita“ (D: N. Helbling), „Die Glocken von Innsbruck….by Händl Klaus and Ruedi Häusermann.

2009-2010 he appeared twice at the Festival Reichenau, played the leading parts in two Thomas Bernhard adaptions „In der Höhe“ and „Verstörung“ directed by Karl Baratta and also for the first time in Graz at the Schauspielhaus.

Parallel to his theatre works Paul Wolff-Plottegg played in numerous productions for cinema and TV in Austria such as „Lebenslinien“ and „Atemnot“ (D: Käthe Kratz), „Der Bulle und das Mädchen“ (D: Peter Keglevich), „Durch Dick und Dünn“ (D: Margarethe Heinrich), „Julia-Datenschutz“ and „Tatort-Der Teufel vom Berg“ (D: Thomas Roth). In Germany „Der Fahnder“ (D: Werner Masten), „Moritz“ (D: D. Mangold), „Das Urteil“ (D: Thönike/Schmitt), „Spiel des Tages“ (D: Damir Lukačevič), „Adelheid und ihre Mörder“ (D: Claus M. Rohne). Regularely he worked in many (sudent-) film productions for HFF Munich, DFFB Berlin, HFF Konrad Wolf Berlin, “Driving Miss Davis” (D: Daniel Abma).

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